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CyberGhostis 安卓手机怎么看YouTube provider that's been around for a while and has gone through several incarnations. Currently, it seems mainly focused on being a 安卓手机怎么看YouTube that offers long-term plans for decent money. I took it for a spin to see how it fares.

Overall, there's a lot to like about CyberGhost, though it lacks the oomph to be on our selection of the安卓手机怎么看YouTube services. Still, it has enough gumption to make it onto our list of the安卓手机怎么看YouTubes for Netflix, thanks to its ability to get through to that streaming service. Let's see what else it can do.


Overall, I really liked using CyberGhost. Over the years, it has experimented a lot with different types of interfaces. It started years ago with a simple list, then transmogrified into a Windows 8-style app that took up the entire screen and had moving tiles everywhere. It was honestly a nightmare, so I was happy to see that its latest incarnation, CyberGhost 8, has chosen to have a mobile-style app likeExpressVPNhas, to name but one.


I tested CyberGhost mainly on theWindowsapp, though there is also a desktop app formacOS. Linuxusers will have to do with a CLI, though looking at screenshots, it looks a bit more spiffy than others like it. On mobile, CyberGhost has native apps foriPhone/iPadandAndroid(which I also tried). As far as I can tell, the desktop and mobile apps have the same experience.

If you like to useVPN browser extensions, CyberGhost has them forFirefoxandChrome. On top of all that, you can also install it onroutersplus a heap of other devices, including a range of smart TVs and game consoles.


Like most other mobile-style interfaces, CyberGhost has one big button that switches 安卓手机怎么看YouTube off and on and another that lets you pick 安卓手机怎么看YouTube server you'd like to connect to. It's pretty simple, though the first time you choose to select a server, you may be in for a shock as the app extends to more than three times its original size.


I'm not a huge fan of these sudden expansions (read myWindscribe reviewfor another example), but I do have to say that, in this case, it works. At least you're not looking around for anything, as it's all right there.

In the center is your list of servers, which has been arranged alphabetically. There's no way to filter per region, which is a shame, but I do like how if a country has multiple locations, this pops out in a new screen.


To the left is a list of specialized servers, which is CyberGhost's main strength. While it has specialized servers for gaming (which presumably offer lower ping) andtorrenting---which we recommend you use if you decide to venture onto the high seas---the big attraction is the streaming servers which are, in a word, excellent.

CyberGhost offers a great geographic spread of streaming servers: where most 安卓手机怎么看YouTubes focus on the U.K. and the U.S. with a few European countries thrown in, CyberGhost has a lot of options, from Belgium and the Netherlands to Japan or Australia. As far as I can tell, all these servers canunblock Netflix, too, which is pretty impressive.

That said, as good as they are at unblocking streaming services, I did run into some minor speed issues. Though CyberGhost is no slouch, it's not particularly fast either (something I'll go into more detail on below in the speed section), and streaming servers' performance took a small hit on top of that. It's nothing major, but if you're on a poor connection, it's worth keeping in mind. A安卓手机怎么看YouTubemay be a better option in that case.


One thing I didn't like as much about CyberGhost is that its settings are rather bare bones. All you can set are a few basic connection features (including which protocol your connections use; more about that in the security section below), and that's pretty much it.


Though it's not as restrictive asExpressVPN or NordVPN, say, if you're a tinkerer, you may want to look around for a better fit.TorGuardsprings to mind as 安卓手机怎么看YouTube suited to people who like things to be just so.


When it comes to security and privacy, CyberGhost checks all the boxes, though nothing beyond that. One thing I like beyond doubt is that its killswitch is hardcoded: there's no way to switch it off even if you wanted to (and you don't want to). It's a breath of fresh air in a market where far too many providers make the kill switch optional and puts CyberGhost in the same league asMullvad. Rarefied air, indeed.

CyberGhost also hits some other points, like letting you pick from the安卓手机怎么看YouTube protocols. If you let it assign you something automatically, you'll get either OpenVPN, Wireguard, or IKEv2. I'm not a huge fan of the last one, so I would set it manually to either OpenVPN or WireGuard, but that's a personal choice.

When it comes to privacy, I like how thorough theprivacy policyis, but note that theU.S. version is different. As is usual, CyberGhost claims to not record what you've been up to online, though it does explain with greater transparency than most that it collects your personal information. All the information has been vetted in anaudit performed by Deloittein March 2023.

As I explain in my article onwhether you should trust 安卓手机怎么看YouTube, I don't place too much stock in these audits as many of these large accounting firms have a long history of corruption. Instead, I prefer it when 安卓手机怎么看YouTube makes it so we, the users, can audit it.Mullvadis taking great strides in this regard, as isIVPN.

Another strike against CyberGhost is how it demands a lot of information from you at signup. There's no way tosign on anonymously. While the company pledges to keep your personal data and your browsing data separate, it's unclear how the company has put up that wall. You're thus taking CyberGhost at its word that none of your online activity will get back to you.


Like with all 安卓手机怎么看YouTube reviews, I tested CyberGhost's speed by first measuring my base speed (90Mbps) in Cyprus and then connecting to several locations around the world at ever-increasing distances. The results are in the table below.


Ping (ms)

Download (Mbps)

Upload (Mbps)

Cyprus (Unprotected)




Cyprus (Protected)








United Kingdom




New York City








Overall these results are quite decent, though I wasn't blown away, either. They're a far cry from the terrible speeds of the grossly misnamedFastVPN, but they're also noIVPNor安卓手机怎么看YouTubeeither, two providers that lose almost no speed even over long distances. CyberGhost is firmly in the middle of the road here, offering good performance over short to medium distances but offering bad results when connecting to the other side of the world.

That said, I do feel the ping orlatencyof CyberGhost's servers does deserve special mention for being fairly awful. Even connecting literally just up the road (the Cyprus server was a mere three kilometers from me), ping took a massive hit. I doubt CyberGhost will make it onto our list of the安卓手机怎么看YouTubes for gamingany time soon.


Finally, let's discuss CyberGhost's price. Like some 安卓手机怎么看YouTube providers---NordVPN and Surfsharkcome to mind first---it pulls a bait and switch on its customers, offering the low price of for two years when signing up. However, when you renew, that same is only good for a year.

I really can't overstate how much I dislike these tactics. The only reason I don't ding the service more for doing it is the fact that CyberGhost makes things clear right there on its pricing page, though in wording that may confuse non-native English speakers. It's especially striking since it doesn't use murky phrases like "yearly thereafter" anywhere else on the site.


What makes it worse is that is actually a pretty decent price to pay per year for 安卓手机怎么看YouTube. My personal 安卓手机怎么看YouTube,Mullvad, will set you back a little over per year, and while it has better speeds, it won't get through to Netflix. If CyberGhost made it a little clearer that the two-year plan is less a plan and more of a promo offer, I wouldn't say a word.

That said, if you like CyberGhost, I do have to admit it's a good deal. For the first two years of use, you get an 安卓手机怎么看YouTube for less than per year, which makes CyberGhost one of the安卓手机怎么看YouTubesaround. OnlyPrivate Internet Accessoffers better pricing, and you can't always access Netflix, though you do keep that pricing even after renewal.

If you are interested in CyberGhost, I would stick with the two-year plan: going month-to-month is just throwing away money, and the six-month plan is only a little cheaper than signing on for the full two years. With all the options you have to try CyberGhost out, there's not a lot of risk in signing on for a long-term plan.


If you're interested in trying out CyberGhost, you'll be happy to know you have a bunch of options to do so; it's probably the most 安卓手机怎么看YouTube on the market in that respect. For one, it has a free trial, all you need to do to make use of it is download the app onto your device of choice, make an account, and that's it.

On Windows and Mac, you get 24 hours to play around with CyberGhost, while Android users get three days, and iPhone/iPad users get a whopping week. I used the trials to review CyberGhost, and as far as I can tell, the apps are fully functional, and there are no restrictions like with manyVPNs' free plans. The worst thing I can say about the trial is that you get a lot of reminders to upgrade, but that's fair enough, I figure.


When you do decide to start paying for CyberGhost, you'll be happy to know that it has a very long refund window, offering a 45-day money-back guarantee, which I think might be the longest in the business, though do be aware that it's only on the long-term plans. If you go month-to-month, you can only claim your money back for 14 days. Still, I like how CyberGhost gives you so many options to try it out.


If you want 安卓手机怎么看YouTube primarily for Netflix and you don't want to pay too much,CyberGhostis an interesting option. Though its speeds are a little worrying, especially on the streaming servers, if you have a fast enough connection, it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

However, if anonymity is your main goal, I think you can probably do better, and with 安卓手机怎么看YouTube that doesn't pull a pricing switcheroo. I recommendMullvadorIVPNin that case, as you'll get better speeds, too.

7 / 10

  • Great at cracking Netflix
  • Maintains okay speeds
  • First two years are cheap
  • Could be a lot faster
  • Slightly misleading pricing
  • Not a lot of customization